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In 2003 I started making beer as a gift from my wife. Margot thought I should spend time on a hobby after my cancer treatment instead of working all the time like I had before. Her only requirement was that we get any equipment I would need to make her "girly fruit wine". No sacrifice there. As I got familiar with the process of making wine I found that I could make all kinds of wine, and good wine too! I was hooked. Since then I have bought all sorts of new equipment, experimented with all kinds of ingredients, adopted new processes and even won some medals in competition. I still make some beer, and also cider, but I love to make wine.

In 2010 I decided to embark on a journey to get certified as a sommelier. I am hoping that this journey will help me get better at creating food and beverage experiences and allow me to serve others who seek new and interesting flavors at their table. Who knows where this will take me, but I am sure the going will be a lot of fun. I am going to be using the Ancient Fire Wine Blog to chronicle my adventures. Be sure to check back often or consider subscribing to get notified of another adventure.

Ancient Fire is a reference to the timelessness of the sun and its role in the world we enjoy.

My Collection

Black Currant Dessert Wine
Blackberry Mead
Bordeaux Blend
Cabernet Franc Ice Wine Style
Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Blend
Chateauneuf du Pape
Hard Cider
Columbia Valley Riesling
Vermont Dandelion
Elderberry Piesporter
Exotic Fruit Zinfandel
Pinot Grigio
Pinot Noir
Raspberry Zinfandel
Riesling/Gewurztraminer Blends
Ruby Cabernet
Vidal Ice Wine Style
Wildberry Shiraz

Wine Awards (26 total)

2010 WineMaker International 
(click for results)

2009 Strawberry #1 - Gold
2009 Moscato - Gold
2009 Plum/Riesling - Gold
2008 Amarone #2
2008 Viognier - Silver
2009 Riesling Ice Wine - Silver
2008 Amarone #1 - Bronze
2008 Cabernet Blend - Bronze
2009 Strawberry #2 - Bronze

2009 Amenti del Vino Amateur Classic 
(click for results)

2009 Strawberry #1 - Silver
2009 Viognier - Bronze
2008 Amarone - Bronze
2008 Cabernet Blend - Bronze
2008 Riesling/Gewurtztraminer Blend - Bronze
2009 Strawberry #2 - Bronze

2009 WineMaker International 
(click for results)

Cabernet Franc Ice Wine Style - Gold
Viognier - Silver
Plum - Silver

2008 WineMaker International 
(click for results)

Gold, Silver(2), Bronze

2008 Indiana State Fair 
(click for results)

Gold(2), Silver, Bronze

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